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Hello, can you introduce your band?

Kombatants started as a project in august (2011) after a few pints (read alot) at a festival in sweden. We decided to try out with some oldies like Sparrer, Blitz and Sham 69, and after a few reharsals we put some songs together ... Two demos/promos and a great concert in Västerås (with Projekt Oi and Battle Scarred) ... A year later we signed with PrettyShittyTown to release our debut album wich was released in january 2013. Since then we've done a couple of gigs, both in sweden and London too, with names like Superyob, London Diehards, Njord, Bakers Dozen, Hooligan UK and Agent Bulldogg. We have a couple of gigs planned for this summer/fall with names like Tattooed Mother Fuckers, Citizen Keyne, Skinfull, Pressure 28, Kategorie C, Pitbull Farm, Völund Smed, Projekt Oi!, Vallgatan, and The Firm …

We are four members in the band which are: Johan Westmar on vocals and guitar, Robban Carlsson on bass and vox, Pierre Andersson on drums and vox and finally we have Wictor Tito Persson on lead guitar and vox. Me (Johan) and Robban lives and work around Borås (Sweden) and Pierre and Wictor does that in Varberg (Sweden) which is an hour drive from Borås. We came up with the name Kombatants just for wanting something hard and easy to remember, its Combatants with a K (a little bit of swenglish) and then we noticed that we could break down the name to … Ants, so there you have the Ants Firm …

What bands influensed you?

We have been influenced by a lot of bands i think but mostly, correct me if I'm wrong, by Sham 69, Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, early Skrewdriver, and some later bands like Evil Conduct, Superyob, Agent Bulldog, Projekt Oi, and Gatans Lag. Punk, Oi and a bit of rock 'n' roll has always been important growing up in the seventies/eighties and since the first time I heard bands like Sex Pistols or Clash it just went right in to my heart … then came Oi!, the real deal for working-class punks … I was totally in for it!!! As totally music-junkies we listen to all kind of music from folk to metal but hate the mainstream shit …

Can you introduce your album Ruck´n´Oi!?

Ruck 'n' Oi! our debut album has been recorded in sessions from when we were three members in the band until we got Wictor. The style varies from punk to early Oi! with some influence of ska and we've tried to be very basic with simple catchy sing-a-long choruses. The lyrics are about work/football/beer/hate etc … and we consider ourself as a non-political band. If anybody think different they can just fuck off.

Can you say something more about scene in Sweden? Can you recommend us some new bands?

The scene in sweden is pretty small and most concerts are held in the capitol, Stockholm, unfortunatelly for skins and punks who don't live near … There is a couple of bands we can recommend from sweden; Gatans Lag, Agent Bulldogg, Projekt Oi!, Vallgatan, Bad Shermans, Old Fashioned Ideas, On The Job …


What are your best concerts, that you have ever visit? Can you tell us something about them?

One of my two best concerts I saw was with Cockney Rejects and Anti Nowhere League. They both performed at Kuggnäsfestivalen in different years and the feeling you have at a festival like that and seeing such great bands … nothing beats that! This year we will be on that same stage ;)

What are your favourite bands and albums?

I have a couple of favorite albums like Cockney Rejects 1st and second, Clash "London Calling", Sham 69 "Tell Us The Truth", Sex Pistols "Never mind …"

Can you recommend us some new records?

Two of my latest favorites thats been in my car stereo for a couple of weeks is Black Marias and Pressure 28, can't get enough of it and I strongly recommend everyone who like punk/oi to get their albums!

Do you have some other hobbies beside music?

My passion in life besides music is beer, football (Elfsborg, Guliganerna) and tattooing which is my profession for 13 years.

Pierre: My hobbies beside the most important (my family) is to work out, drinking beer and hang out with friends.

Last words?

We hope to play live a lot in the future too and meet new and old fans and friends around the world and hopefully make another album in the near future, maybe this year …So don't hesitate to book us to your local pub!!!