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Lumpex '75


answers by Kula (January 2008)
Lumpex 75

Oi!, can you introduce your band (members, work, age, short history) ?

Hi there! Our band was create in 1993. From '93 until present day band was few times broke a part and change band members. Anyway, today Lumpex'75 is: Kula vocal, Dycha guitar, Pawe solo guitar, Zielony bas, Cinek drums. For now we release one record called "To My!" (that's us!), split CD with polish band called "All Bandits". Our unpublished songs was release on few Various Artists records, and also you can see us on DVD release by Bandworm Rec. called Oi! the meeting 2005".

What's mean your name Lumpex'75 ?

Our name Lumpex" was been taken from polish slang, and it's word for "second hand shop", the number 75 is just year of birth older band members, and it has nothing common with numbers like 77, 88, 14, 666, 69, so please don't invent new ideology.

Can you describe your sound ?

In the beginning it was really simple played oi! punk music, but nowhmm it's quite difficult to describe because all band members listings to different kind of punkrock music and many many more, by and large I can say it's something like mixed up Oi! Music with Hard Core and Viking Rock. You will be able to hear us on LP soon

How bands influense you ?

It's difficult to name all bands what we listinig to and like, but I'll say we like to here all kind of good punk, oi!, HC, viking rock, RAC and also good black metal hehe, some times psychobilly and ska
Lumpex 75

Do you play some covers ?

We don't like to play covers and we try to not to do this,but some times you can some times you must hehe, so on our concert you can here covers like Cockney Rejeckt "Begining of the end" with polish chenged words. In the end of 2007 we recorded two cover song for two tributes "Tribute to Rezystencja" and "Tribute to Ramzes & The Hooligans" old polish skinhead bands

How many concerts did you play? With which bands did you play ? How was your best gig ?

If you really want to hear exacly number, than we can't seys becouse we don't count it, but it was really big bunch of it. We have occasion to play with such stars like Retaliator, Piter & TTTB, Guitar Gangsters, Evil Conduct, The Beat, Volxturm, Stomper 98, Loikaemie , Lousy, Operace Artaban, and practically all good punk rock/sknheads bands from Poland.Our best two shows was in Germany, really greate peoples and good climate. In march we will be played in London and we hope it will be our next best show hehe.

Can you describe scene in Poland ?

It's dificult to desribe polish scene and I don't want to penetrate this. In short it looks more than less like this: some of the polish bands won't to play with other bands, becouse one of them release record in "this" label other in "that" label, and main cheff of X.Rec and Y. Rec don't like each other. Stupid? Yes we know that hehe. Lumpex'75 is recording for Oifant.Rec and generally we play concerts with bands from this label, but not always because we don't have prejudice or enemies in other label or bandsat least in most of them hehe.
Lumpex 75

What do you think about Czech scene ?

I think Czech scene is one of the biggest scens in Europe, You have a bunch of greate bands and they often are invite to Poland. Personally I realy like Czech bands and I think they doing realy good punk. We have chance to play in Hradec Kralove, but not in full squad, and I gotta say it was really good gig,and we were guest in good old slavonic way ;)

Can you say me something about brand Pretorian ?

Pretorian it's a street wear brand, they make clothes for peoples who have something common with MMA sport, and for fans. Pretorian is also our sponsor brand, ones on a wile they give us some cloathes and we ... let's say represent Pretorian on our gigs. Don't try to find any policy shits, like it was in Germany, becouse there is no politics in this. This is just good street wear brand!

Have you some other hobbies besides band ?

Of course! We'r big fan of our beloved football teem called "Lechia Gdask", she's going to extra league in this year... we hope ;). I'm also speedway fan wich is very popular in Poland, average 10 000 fans on single match and I'm member of Ultras "Wybrzee Gdask". Also we're fan of "Stoczniowiec Gdask" (hockey), they have few Czech in team. Beside of that Zielony have quite unique hobby, he's a member of II WW battles reconstructing group and he's playing a German solider from Wermacht Grosse Deutchland. I may say that we've fucking billions of this kind of reconstructing groups and they came from Poland, Russia, England and USA. Beside you can meet us in any pub all over the city in every weekend, because this is our favorite sport game ;)

Future plans for the band ?

Our number one plan is to release our second record and plays lots of concerts!!! Then get rest of equipment to complete our own recording studio!!!

Final comments ?

Thenks for being intrested of our band, and till meet on our concert!!! We hope in yurs cuntry too!! Chears! Oi!