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Can you introduce your band?

We're Antipati, a Stockholm based oi! or punk or whatever you wanna call it band that consist of Robban (me, answering the questions) (comp guitar and vocals) and I work with teenage kids at a school in the northern parts of Stockholm, Reidar aka Radar (lead guitar and vocals) who works with disabled kids , Johan (drums) who works as a janitor at the moment and Pelle (bass and some vocals) who works at an office. In 2012 we'll turn 32, 26, 24 and 30 years old in order of introduction. Johan is the only true born and bread Stockholmian in the band, the rest of us are originally from rural shitholes like Rimbo, Kloster and Ljusdal, but we've all lived here for about 12 years or so.... all of us live in the south of Stockholm except for Johan who moved out to the west end recently. Me and Radar are married and Johan and Pelle are in steady relation ships. I have a daughter. As a band, we formed in 2006 and have released two albums, two 7"s, one split 10" with Last Rough Cause and been featured on a bunch of compilations.

Can you say something about your history? How did you devise your name Antipati?

Some of it is included above. There aint much to say more than that. The name is simple and catchy, and looks about the same in many languages. In english it's spelled Antipathy and the meaning is the opposite of sympathy; a genuine unexplainable dislike of or hatred for something.

I know, that you played in some bands before Antipati. Can say sometheing about Contemptuous, The Contract, Headed For Disaster, Karl XII & The Karolines, The Righteous, Östermalm Boy, Dobermann Cult or some other, that I didnt mention.

Contemptuous is the band me and Radar played in before Antipati. We released a split CD with Royal Stakeout and a post mortem LP on Narayan Records.

The Contract was Pelle's band prior to Antipati, featuring members of Bombshell Rocks among others.

HFD is a thrash/hardcore band that Johan used to drum for. They're still about, making a name for themselves in the hardcore and crust scene.

Karl XII & The Karolines was also a short lived band Johan played with.

My first band was The Righteous, and we just got our second album out 11 years after we broke up on Pure Impact Records. Prior to that we released an album on TKO in 2000.

Östermalm Boys was a studio project with me, members from the current Stockholm Hardcore scene of 2001 and the quite legendary Mart Hällgren of De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Ubba, Sighstens Grannar, Brackor and Total Egon fame.

Dobermann Cult is a hardcore outfit that we share rehearsal space with that consist of Pelle and his brother (The Dontcares, Crucifyre) among others. They've released two albums and some other stuff and are rather active from time to time.

Radar also released a CD recently on Svindel Records with his band The Radars playing some kind of skaish mod beat power pop punk with members from Dobermann Cult and Swedish black metal band Mörk Gryning.

The band is no more though, but Radar is still maintaining his carreer as a singer/songwriter under his own name Reidar Assine. Radar also did a tour as bass player with The Clichés.

Then off course 3/4 of us play in Agent Bulldogg aswell, more on that later...

Can you say something about each of your albums?

"On Repeat" was released in 2007 on Skins on Attack!/Bords de Seine. It could be better mixed and produced, but we still like most of the songs and play them live. "Frågor Som Rör Det Allmänna" was released in 2009 and was very well recieved. It was released by Randale Records and Bords de Seine and on CD by our friend Pike and his label Kjell Hell Records.

What are your lyrics about?

Your usual topics I guess... politics, hatred, drinking, subculture, love. On our latest 7" we sang about the four seasons.

In your music is a lot of changing of lead vocals. There are not so much band without voice leader. How did it come?

Well, basically we are two people used to singing from previous bands and as both me and Radar writes songs it's natural for us to lead sing our "own" songs. The reason is also that the music becomes more dynamic when you use more than one vocalist. A lot of our songs are based around three verses which makes it easy for us to split them between us (me, Radar and Pelle). On our latest release Johan came in too to sing the bridge on "Sommarpsalm" which turned out really well. Previous to that he has only yelled on the song "Tupplur i en Busskur" from "Frågor som Rör Det Allmänna".

How many gigs and with which bands did you play? How were your concerts with The Warriors or Evil Conduct?

I don't know how many really... maybe about 50 gigs or so? We played with different bands such as The Lowlifes, The Warriors, Suicide Syndicate, Haircut, Offroads, Bad Shermans, The Clockwork Crew, Major Accident, Last Rough Cause, Angelic Upstarts, Oldfashioned Ideas, The Clichés, Argy Bargy, Evil Conduct, Sniffing Glue, Gatans Lag, CDCP, Ultimo Asalto, Royal Stakeout, The Disputes, Klasse Kriminale, Bombardiers, Unit Lost, Automatica Aggregazione, The Analogs, Sinners Since Birth and of course Agent Bulldogg to name a few...

The gig with The Warriors was great, a good night in Stockholm with all the usual suspects in the audience and a friend putting the gig up. We've played with Evil Conduct twice if you could count the two dayer PSK#2 where we played different days... it was good. Good people and simple catchy oi! oi! music. Generally it's good times when we play. Heavy drinking and lots of friends.

I know, that Johan, Robert and Radar play also in Agent Bulldog. How did you get into that band? How are your gigs?

Personally I've known Thomas the singer more or less since I took my first steps in the Stockholm Skinhead scene around -98. We became good friends along the years and he sang one verse of the Contemptuous track "Nagel I Ditt Öga" featured on the "Brewed In Sweden vol 3" compilation. Around there he also befriended Radar and/or vice verse... Anyway, when our mutual friend Pike (Kjell Hell Records) held his 40-year-old birthday bash Agent Bulldogg reformed (they/we never actually split though) with Thomas and Jens (bass on "Livsstil" album) and the three of us to complete the line-up. We took it up again to support when Pike brought Cock Sparrer to Sweden for the first time in 2010, and we've been going ever since. At this point we're writing and recording new material, and the first release will be the long awaited split 7" with The Templars. Our gigs are very well recieved, especially those in Sweden. We've also played Belgium once and Germany twice and will do France, England, Spain and Norway within the year. Usually we go as two bands for the same price as one :)


Can you say something more about a)Oldfasfioned Ideas b)The Cliches c)Unit Lost d)The Jinx?

Oldfasfioned Ideas - Really good friends, great band that keep it simple! Always fun to hang around.

The Cliches - Great guys and great musicians! Radar is their current bass player, if there are a "current" regarding these guys... and their drummer Tommy has hardcore business with pelle. Anyway, always up for a drink and some fun.

Unit Lost - Under rated band (at least in Sweden) who just released a long awaited fullength in Swedish which is really good and sound like classic swedish melodic raw punk. Jugge is also part of the PST crew who does great things for our scene!

The Jinx - More like friends of friends... I've seen 'em once and I own most of their records (I think?). Good band, crazy guys.

Can you recommend some new bands from your country?

Not really new ones but I'll recommend The Lowlifes who just released their debut album "TV adiction" on Club Underground Records. They're friends of us and great guys, doing some sort of UK82 sounding punk. My brother is the bass player nowadays.  And also Malmö boys Vindicate This! (the drummer from Oldfashioned Ideas among others) who just released their first 7" after having released a CD a couple of years ago. They play Templars style emOi! (haha). I also recommend to keep an ear out for The Vitiators with members from CDCP, Royal Stakeout and Suicide Syndicate.

I saw some video on the internet, where were you playing with Nico from Haircut. How did you get in touch with him? How was your cooperation? Do you like french scene?

I used to put up shows and we brought The Veros and Haircut over in 2006 or 2007, and Nico stayed at our place and we have been close friends since then. We've visited him in Paris and he's been to Sweden a bunch of times. The "cooperation" was just a drunken night at our rehearsal place and his lovely girlfriend Sarah filmed it when we played the old Camera Silens gem "Pour La Gloire". But Nico also guest sang with us in Stockholm when we played with Bombardiers, doing Haircut's "Pontoise/Paris". All of the Haircut guys are brilliant and it's a shame they quit. And yes, I love the french scene, especially the one of the 80's. For newer/current bands I like Maraboots, Bombardiers, West Side Boys, Warrior Kids and Carcereduro to name a few.

Booze & Glory have a song about Weekend In Karlskrona. What do you think about this regular meetings?

It's cool that they made a song about being outdrunk by a bunch of lovable Swedes :) ... B&G are also good friends. We played the same fest with Bulldogg. It's great. We're playing with Antipati this year. Hope more people will turn up and show their support so that the crew won't lose any more money after last years event...

Are you going on gigs, where you dont play? Which were the best, that you ever visit?

Yes as many as I can attend being the father of a lttle girl and with very little financial means at the moment... the best ones I've visited? Well maybe some gig at Rebellion in Blackpool, UK such as first time I saw Cock Sparrer or Newtown Neurotics or when I saw The Bruisers in Stockholm in -98. There's so many memories, can't recall 'em all...

Do you know something about Czech scene?

I know a bunch of bands such as The Protest, Pilsner Oiquell, Orlik, Disdainful etc... and off course I know about the old Prague Bulldog Bootboys and Vlad and his shop. Never been there though. Feel free to offer us a gig ;)

Which bands do you usually listen? What are your TOP albums?

At the moment Concrete Gods, Those Unknown, London Diehards, Condemned 84, Black Marias, Anti-Nowhere League and Bombardiers.

Top albums are hard to list but some of those that made a major impact on me is Ebba Grön - "We're Only In It For the Drugs", Asta Kask - "Aldrig en LP", Cock Sparrer - "Shock Troops", Anti-Nowhere League - "We Are... The League", Blitz - "Voice of a Generation", Camera Silens - "Realité" and Oxymoron - "The Pack is Back".

Of course I could drop most of the classic uk oi! albums and a bunch of Swedish and french ones aswell, but it would take all night and I would still regret having missed something when reading it...


Are you collecting vinyls or CDs? Which records is for you the most valuable?

I collect both. For me? I own most of the Chaos Productions catalogue which I really enjoy and lots of classic oi!/uk82 stuff...Couldn't say which one I find most valuable but maybe the original releases by Camera Silens. My last piece of collectable item was V/A - "France Profonde" which is my current favourite...

What do you think about mod or ska? Do you listen that music?

I enjoy some ska, preferably the original skinhead reggae stuff or the UK stuff post 2-tone like Arthur Kay & The Originals, The Deltones, The Loafers and The Hotknives. I don't know anything about mod (I reckon you're talking revival stuff?) but I enjoy it as much as the next guy...

Radar is really into mod stuff and entered the skinhead scene through ska music.

Can you say something about common life in Sweden?

It's ok, it's hard times every where but we're doing alright here, we all got jobs and get on with our lives. I think the problems are quite the same all over Europe but to different extentions... Capitalism is thriving although it's obvious it's not going to work much longer... the working and under classes gets the shit... The worst thing for me though is the weather... especially now in february. Which makes me a rather lucky guy I guess.

Do you have some hobbies beside music?

I play, collect and write about music, and that takes most of my time besides being a husband to my wife and a father to my daughter. But I like watching downloaded TV-shows, drink with my friends, drink wine while watching downloaded TV shows, play xbox and read books.

I take the liberty to speak for the others here... Radar is into tattoo art (which I guess we all are but for me I just like getting them, the uglier the better) and drinking. Johan is interested in history (old kings and wars) and likes eating food and play various nerd games like classic paper based RPG (which I do too when I find the time)... nowadays he's getting more into tattoos too I guess since his girlfriend is a tattoo artist. Pelle's girl does tattoos aswell, so I guess you could say he's into that too, not necesarily because of that though... he's also into home electronics, drinking, playing the old xbox and going to gigs.

Some future plans?

We have a few gigs booked, in Stockholm, Rennes (FR), Barcelona (ES) and Karlskrona at Oi! the Weekend.

Our latest 7" and split 10" are coming out as a CD called "Extra Allt" on Kjell Hell Records along with a new song that also is to be featured on the compilation "Turist i Tillvaron Vol 3".
We're writing new material for an album, but we don't have an actual deadline...
Radar's releasing a debut as a singer/songwriter soon, a split with Jonasjävel from Gatans Lag which is also into beard music like that, keep your eyes open!

Last comments?

Thanks a lot for the interview! Cheers to all the czesh skinheads and punks!