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All Bandits


All Bandits

Can you introduce your band?

Hi! We’re all bandits and we are from Poland! Actuall line-up (since 2010) is: me (bandzior) – guitar and vocal, ma³y – bass and vania – drums. Now in bandits are only three people and I think It’s the best solution! ..but I really miss a second guitar on live gigs! :) Our discography is not so big: only one full CD “Made in Poland”, split CD with Lumpex’75, CD EP “Dzieci Ulicy”, one vinyl 7”, split  7” with the Gits “Oi! Pro Patria”, and few compilation CDs like: CD from NADSAT records, “Muzyka Ulicy” vol1.. & vol.2, “Polska Gola” from Olifant records,

Can you say something about your history?

Bandits have been playing for over 10 years and I’m the only one who staid from original line-up! By this time in the band have been playing a lot of people, who plays now in such bands like: ‘Rewizja’ punkrock, ‘Fix-up’ californiapunk or ‘Prawy prosty’ oi. 

What bands influense you?

Too many to list, basically a lot of Oi!, VikingRock, Punk, RAC, ... just say no to rap, R&B and techno!!!

 What are your lyrics about?

My lyrics are about everything what I can see around me. About our life and about everything what makes me pissed off. So it’s also about beer and hangover, about hate and love…

 How many concerts and with which bands did you play?

We are playing since 1999 and this is a lot of time. This time we have played a lot of gigs with such bands like: Condemned 84 (what was always me dream!), Peter & Test Tube Babies, Get Out, Rezystencja, Bulbulators, IVC, WaySideCrew, Awantura, Analogs, FlatCaps, Junkers, Booze&Glory, Horrorshow, Lumpex ’75, Pizdziores, Bilety Do Kontroli, Zbeer, Skunx, Operace Artaban, The Riot, Pilsner Oiquell, Mammy’s Darlings, Werwolf 77, Sandals, Awaria, Everyday hate, Gabreta, Inkorekt, The Granits… that’s all I remember now, but I’m sure You could find some more! We’ve had a pleasure to play few gigs in your country. Best regards to our neighbors beyond our southern border. 

What was your best and worst gig? How was your first concert?

If I may be honest I can’t answer this question! Most of the gigs or even all of them I mention very well, even if we weren’t good on stage, the party was great.

Can you say something about scene in Poland? Can you recommend us some bands a labels ? 

Nowdays oi/skinhead/punkrock scene is very strong and varied . I can recommend you patriotic/Viking-rock Horytnica, drunken the Gits, Junkers, Bulbulators… 

Can you say something more about a) The Gits b) Awanatura c) Booze & Glory d) Contra Boys ?

 The Gits – in my honest opinion the best oi band from Poland, music from the street for people from the street

Awantura – great aggressive streetpunk, we are Waiting for another CD.

Booze & glory –really good classic oi, but why a band with 3 people from Poland is well known as a British band? J hahah

Contra boys – I like most of the Adam’s recordings very much, but for me the 1st Contra Boys CD is the best one, on the second one are few good songs and the last CD I don’t like so much.  

All Bandits

What do you think about Czech scene?

I love Czech people, especially girls. Czech beer, smažený sýr s hranolkami, cosnecova supe after drunken noght J, Orlik, Krtek J, Praha... Your scene is much more dynamic, you have more gigs on which more people are coming and there’s much less of fights on them J  I hope you will not be offended, but I think all the time about Czech and Slovak scene as about one. I like Orlik and Zona A very much,  Vlajka, Branik ... and from newer bands I like Disdainfull’s CDs (I also like this girl on bass very much), Incident and Ani Krok Spat.

 Do you have some TOP10 of best albums or bands?

It’ll be difficult. Can it be top 100? Hehehe, Ok this are my favourite bands ever: Cockney rejects, Condemned 84, Mistreat, Midgards soner, Cock sparer, Blitz, AC/DC, Motorhead, Social distortion, the Bones - in random sequence, but in one breath I could tell you “a few” more. 

What music do you listen beside Oi! or streetpunk?

Old style heavymetal and hardrock. I love AC/DC, Motorhead, Rose tattoo, and some of fresh rock’n’roll blood: Social distortion – haha maybe they aren’t “so fresh” but compared to Lemmy or Angus they’re much younger…  also the Airbourne and the Bones.

 Poland is very famous for their hooligans. What do you think about hooligans or ultras? Are you interested in football hooliganism? What is your favourite club?

My favourite club is my local ZAG£ÊBIE LUBIN. Unfortunately last time when I see them play, I have a feel to beat the shit out of them.

I think polish hooligans are the strongest in the world, but ultras also shouldn’t be ashamed.

 Poland is famous llike a Christian country. What do you think about religion?

I’m from Catholic family like most people in Poland. But now people run away from religion. The church unnecessarily mix into politic, and the priesthoods are like untouchable “black mafia”. But still we shouldn’t forget about history of Europe, which is associated with Christianism. through the ages in Poland very important was sentence “Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna!” ("the God, the Honour and the Fatherland") and for many is still valid!

How are you satisfied with your last gig in Prague? I think, that it was great night.

The night was really great, but in my honest opinion our gig wasn’t very well! But everything other was fantastic! Hehehe… aaa… I forgot about one fucking detail: someone smashed windows in my car during the night, so we were coming back home without two car windows.

Where cen we buy some you CD, T-Shirt or other merchandise?

Please write “all bandits” in google and I think you can find where you can buy our recordings or other merchandise.

Please also search www.olifant.com.pl, www.peruner.com.

Do you have some favourite films and books?

My best movie ever is “Braveheart”, I love “Natural Born Killers” too, Romper Stomper, and every sick movies by Monthy Phytons Flying Circus

Books? Orwell’s „1984”, Anthony Burgess’es “Clockwork Orange”, but If I may be honest I don’t read much.

Do you have some hobbies beside music?

?? I don’t think so because I collect oi/rac/punk vinyl records (CDs too), I love my guitars, I love gigs. Beside music my only hobby is my family, my dog and… beer :)

Some future plans?

In the nearest future in Hostile Class Records will be issued a compilation CD “tribute to Condemned 84” with our version “face the Aggression”. And in few weeks you can buy our next vinyl single.

Last comments?

Thank you for your attention, see you on next gig or maybe somewhere in Wroc³aw during Euro 2012. We invite you! We could drink a Polish beer! Oi! Fuck P.C! cheers -bandzior