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answers by Damiano
Can you introduce your band?

Hi everybody ! Ok, we're Damiano (me), guitar. I work in a live music club in Rome and i help occasionally some friends of mine in a tatto shop. Fabrizio, vocals, is pool trainer. Luca, vocals, is a video maker. Andrea, bass, studies and makes no future jobs. Then there's Niccolo', the new entry on drums, who works in a music shop.

Can you say something about bands history?

We started in 2001, we just wanted to have fun and playing around. Then things started to work out fine and actually we have 4 records out and hundreds of shows all over europe !

Have somebody from your band experiences with playing in some other band?

Yes, i played in Oi! band called Colonna Infame, then i played for some years with Strength Approach plus other punk/hc projects. Fabrizio played in a very old band called Splenic and then Force Field, Luca with Bierkampf and Cronaca Vera, Andrea with Micene and Niccolo' actually plays with In Cold Blood.

What bands influense you?

We always loved nyhc and street punk, we tried to mix these two styles together and our music is what came out. We've grown up listening to Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, Warzone, Madball, but also The Business, Cockney Rejects, The Four Skins and Last Resort.

How many concerts and with which bands did you play?

Well, A LOT OF SHOWS ! I can't tell how many, but we played with Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, Madball, Bold, Integrity, The Business, Hoods, Terror and many many more !!!

What was you best and worst gig?

Best gig, the ones with Agnostic Front !!! Worst, well, when you're far away from home, the promoter is a asshole, you don't get paid and don't have a place to sleep...it happened a couple of times...

Do you play some covers?

We play Hard Times from Cro Mags, Dogs Of War from Skarhead and occasionally Nothing from Negative Approach and All Fucked Up from Blood For Blood.

Can you say something about scene in your area?

Yeah, it fucking rules !!!

Do you know something about Czech scene?

When i was with Srength Approach i played at Fluff Fest, it was so much fun !! Personally i know Streetmachine, a very good band.

What were your experiences with 4 Subculture, Countdown and KB records?

Very good, all the labels worked very well to distribute our record, we're very happy about them !

Do you have some current and old time TOP10?

Mmmm....very hard ! I try !
1) The Age of Quarrel - Cro Mags
2) Victim In Pain - Agnostic Front
3) Lower East Side EP - Warzone
4) Set It Off - Madball
5) Lowest of the Low - Terror
6) Rag Men - Rag Men
7) Kings At Crime - Skarhead
8) The Whole Truth... - The Business
9) Dedicated - Mutphy's Law
10) The Good, The Bad... - The 4 Skins

What are your opinions on tattoo? Do you have some tattooes?

We all love tattoo. We have lots and want to have more and more !!!!

What do you think about Straight Edge?

I got a great respect for straight edge kids, i got many friends who got the edge. The most important tihng is to respect each other choices !

Italy is a football nation. Support somebody from band some team? What do you think about Ultras or Hooligans?

We're all As Roma supporters, but none of us goes to the stadium. Too much stress, and too much politics !!!

Are you interested in history of Rome?

Yeah, Rome is agreat city with lots of interesting things to see. We're very proud of it !

Do you have some hobbies beside music?

Drinking at the bar !!!

Some future plans?

We're trying to write some new songs for a future record, maybe next season...meanwhile we have some cool shows and we keep on rockin' !!!

Last comments?

Thank you so much for giving us a chance ! Visit our space at www.myspace.com/paybackhc
Keep the faith alive !!!